Honeydew Melon and Cucumber Dragon Rolls

How can you distinguish the difference between caterpillar sushi rolls and dragon rolls? Both are beautiful rolls draped gracefully in vibrant avocado. Caterpillar sushi rolls typically include mild fillings and are served with a sweet sauce. Dragon sushi rolls, on the other hand, boast a fiery filling. Like these crisp, fresh rolls, they are often served with a bold and spicy sauce.

Rice Prep Time: Up to 1½ hours
Sushi Prep Time: 15 minutes
Makes 2 rolls (16 pieces)

1 avocado, sliced very thinly
Two 4 x 7-in (10 x 18-cm) nori sheets
1½ cups (300 g) Traditional Sushi Rice or Brown Sushi Rice
2 teaspoons fresh coriander leaves (cilantro), finely minced
8 oz (225 g) honeydew melon, cut into 4-in (10-cm) lengths
1 jalapeno pepper, deseeded and cut into thin matchsticks
One 4-in (10-cm) length English or Japanese cucumber, deseeded and cut into matchsticks
Dragon Juice Sauce, to taste

Lay one sheet of nori on your cutting board and cover with a length of plastic film. Arrange half of the avocado slices on the plastic in a line across the center of the nori. (Slices should form backwards Cs, overlapping slightly.) Set aside; repeat with the remaining avocado slices and a second piece of film.
Place one nori sheet directly on your cutting board, making sure that the long end is parallel to the bottom of the board and the rough side is facing upwards.
Wet your fingertips lightly. Spread about ¾ cup (150 g) of sushi rice evenly over the entire surface of the nori.
Flip the nori over so that the rice is face down on the cutting board. Spread 1 teaspoon of the fresh coriander leaves across the center of the nori. Top with ½ of the honeydew melon, jalapeno and cucumber, making sure that the fillings are spread evenly and extend to both edges of the nori.
Wet your fingertips again and slide your thumbs underneath the nori while grasping fillings with all other fingertips. Roll the bottom of the nori just over the fillings, making sure to tightly tuck the fillings under the fold.
Continue rolling and tucking until the roll is completed. Use the bamboo rolling mat covered in plastic wrap to gently shape the roll, pressing forefingers on top of the mat while simultaneously pressing your thumbs and middle fingers into the sides.
Place the roll seam side-down on the cutting board. (Do not cut yet!) Repeat steps to make another roll.
Invert one avocado sheet on top of the first sushi roll. Leaving the plastic wrap in place, use the bamboo rolling mat to press the avocado onto the roll. Repeat with the second roll and the other avocado sheet.
Wet the tip of a very sharp knife. Slice through the plastic wrap and cut each roll into 8 pieces. Use the bamboo mat to press the avocado into the roll once more before removing the plastic. Arrange the pieces on a serving tray. Drizzle with Dragon Juice Sauce, to taste.