If you can’t find the pomegranate seeds or arils already prepared, use this easy method to take them from the whole fruit: Slice the pomegranate in half, then break the halves into pieces over a large bowl of water. Working with one piece at a time, continue to break the pieces into smaller ones in the water. Pull the arils away from the pulp. The seeds should sink as the pulp floats. Discard the pulp and store the arils in fresh water in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Rice Prep Time: Up to 1½ hours
Sushi Prep Time: 15 minutes
Makes 4 rolls (24 pieces)

Four 4 x 7-in (10 x 18-cm) nori sheets
2 cups (400 g) Traditional Sushi Rice, Brown Sushi Rice, Quinoa Sushi “Rice” or Multi-Grain Sushi Rice
16 large green Greek olives, pitted and quartered lengthwise
8 large basil leaves
4 tablespoons pomegranate arils, plus more for garnish if desired

Place one nori sheet horizontally on a bamboo rolling mat with the rough side facing up. Wet your fingertips, then spread about ½ cup (100 g) of the sushi rice in a thin, even layer across the bottom ¾ of the nori.
Arrange ¼ of the Greek olives horizontally in the center of the rice. The olives should extend to the side edges of the nori. Tear 2 basil leaves and spread them across the rice. Arrange 1 tablespoon of the pomegranate arils across the rice, making sure to keep them as close to the center of the rice as possible.
Dip your fingertips in water again. Place your thumbs underneath the bamboo rolling mat. Fold the bottom of the mat so that the bottom edge of the nori fits just over the fillings. (Do not allow the edge of the mat to get stuck in the fold!)
Lift the edge of the mat. (The nori should stay in place.) Continue rolling until the roll is complete. Gently shape the roll into a rectangle by pressing your forefingers on top of the mat while simultaneously pressing your thumbs and middle fingers into the sides.
Allow the roll to rest seam-side down on a cutting board. Meanwhile, repeat the steps to complete the remaining rolls. Cut each roll into 6 pieces using a very sharp knife dipped lightly in water. Serve immediately.