Seven Citrus Salad with Mint

    PREP: 20 minutes active, 15 minutes inactive | COOK: 0 minutes| YIELD: 4 x 1-cup servings

    When you combine seven exotic citrus fruits with the snap of mint you wind up with one of the freshest salads around. The crisp colors, tangy flavors and juicy texture make winter feel like summer. Ahhh!

    1 Cara Cara orange

    1 pink or red grapefruit

    1 blood orange

    2 mandarin oranges

    1 cocktail citrus (omit if you can’t find)

    1 ugli fruit (Jamaican tangelo)

    4 kumquats, peels washed well, halved lengthwise and thinly sliced, removing any seeds

    2 Tbsp (30 ml) finely chopped fresh mint leaves

    Using a knife, or by hand, remove peels from Cara Cara orange, grapefruit, blood orange and mandarins. Pull apart sections, cut into bite-sized pieces and add to a bowl. Using a knife, cut away peel of cocktail citrus and ugli fruit. Then, using a paring knife, cut between membranes to remove fruit segments. Place segments in bowl. Add kumquats and mint. Toss to combine and refrigerate for about 15 minutes before serving.


    Calories: 148 | Calories from Fat: 2 | Protein: 2 g | Carbs: 36 g | Total Fat: 0.2 g | Saturated Fat: <0.1 g | Trans Fat: 0 g | Fiber: 5 g | Sodium: 9 mg | Cholesterol: 0 mg