Strawberry, mint and tomato salad

It may seem strange to pair strawberries and tomatoes, but technically they are both fruits. When you can get sweet tomatoes at the height of summer, their slight acidity balances well with the strawberries (tomatoes run the risk of being a bit too acidic at other times of year). For a true summer feel we add mint, which always makes good friends with both tomatoes and strawberries. A chunk of crusty bread and a glass of chilled white wine are probably the only other two ingredients you will need to go with this.
You can tinker with the recipe by changing the vinegar in the dressing. Balsamic, white wine or even cider vinegar will make their personalities felt in different ways. And, next time, add a good few grinds of black pepper or a little chopped chilli, for added warmth.

25ml good olive oil
2 tbsp raspberry vinegar
10g caster sugar (it dissolves quicker than granulated)
4 large ripe tomatoes
8 strawberries, or mixed regular and wild strawberries, if you can find them
10 mint leaves
sea salt
First of all you need to prepare the dressing, as this gives the sugar time to dissolve, which tones down the acidity of the vinegar. Pour the olive oil into a non-metallic bowl, add the vinegar and sugar, give it a stir and set aside to allow the sugar time to dissolve.
Cut each tomato into 6 wedges, then cut out the seeds and discard them. Put the tomatoes into a mixing bowl.
Remove the stalks from the strawberries and slice through the tops into quarters, then add to the bowl with the tomatoes. Slice the mint leaves finely to make little green strands and add them to the bowl.
If you are serving immediately, dress the salad with the dressing, sprinkle with sea salt and serve. If you are not serving immediately, keep the dressing and sea salt separate and dress the salad just before you serve it; this will stop the salad becoming mushy.