A can of Indian-spiced lentil soup is the “sauce” on this potato-topped naan pizza.
3 tsp. vegetable oil or olive oil, divided
1 tsp. mango chutney
1 tsp. cider vinegar
2 cups broccoli slaw or grated broccoli stems and carrots
6 new or baby red-skinned potatoes, thinly sliced (1½ cups)
1 tsp. curry powder
1 15-oz. can Indian-spiced lentil soup
1 cup frozen peas
4 garlic or tandoori naan

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. Whisk 2 tsp. oil, chutney, and vinegar in medium bowl. Add broccoli slaw, and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Set aside to marinate.
  3. Toss potatoes with remaining 1 tsp. oil and curry powder in bowl; season with salt and pepper, if desired. Spread in single layer on baking sheet, and bake 5 to 6 minutes, or until beginning to brown on edges. Set aside. Increase oven temperature to 425°F.
  4. Empty soup into strainer to strain off excess liquid. Transfer to bowl, and stir in peas.
  5. Spread each naan with one-quarter of soup mixture, and top with potato slices. Place on baking sheet, and bake 10 to 12 minutes, or until naans are hot and crisp and potatoes on top are browned and tender.
  6. Top hot pizzas with slaw mixture.

Calories: 429
Protein: 17 g
Total Fat: 12 g
Saturated Fat: 2 g
Carbohydrates: 70 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 752 mg
Fiber: 12 g
Sugar: 7 g