Strawberry Parfait

Serves 4

COST: $1.61

Per 1 parfait

Calories: 190

Fat: 4.5g

Carbohydrates: 36g

Protein: 0g

Fiber: 2g

Sugar: 23g

Sodium: 42mg

1 cup strawberries, rinsed, dried, and hulled

11⁄2 cups Greek yogurt

1⁄2 cup strawberry preserves

4 whole strawberries, for garnish

Fresh mint leaves, for garnish

Slice the strawberries lengthwise and divide equally between 4 chilled martini glasses or ramekins.
Combine the yogurt with the strawberry preserves in a medium-sized mixing bowl and stir until evenly blended. Dollop the mixture on top of the fruit or use a piping bag to top each with a rosette. Garnish each with a whole strawberry and a fresh mint sprig.